Mission & Values

What is CFA Church?

 "I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it."

At CFA we know that we are

  • CALLED  By God
  • CHOSEN By God
  • LOVED  By God.

At CFA we have:

  • A PASSION  of Doing God's Will 
  • A PURPOSE  of Doing God’s Will 

At CFA we are: 

  • Believers in Christ 
  • Responding to God's Call

At CFA we have: 

COMPASSION  for the Lost
CARE for the Lost
A Burden for Souls

Our Core Values

SERVING -- Serving God and People with care and compassion
WORSHIP  --  Worshiping God in  Spirit and in truth
OUTREACH --  We  are outreach oriented. Empowered by the Spirit
RELATIONSHIPS -- Relationship building,  with love for God and for people.
DISCIPLESHIP --  Discipling believers to mature and multiply in Christ.

We Love God, We Love People, We Live Christ

We are inspired worshippers being developed into Spirit-led followers of Christ. We exist to bring people to Jesus and relationship in his family. We are being equipped to serve in ministry and to reach out our world for Christ. 

Expanding the vision...

At  CFA we are Building People & Building Lives.

Our ongoing vision  is to provide powerful life impacting ministry led by the Holy Spirit and impacting the lives of many. We are trusting the Lord for a season of revival,  restoration, and impact at CFA. 

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