Christian Education Classes - Sundays at 9:30 AM

Our Sunday morning Christian Education classes are designed around the Bible Engagement Project curriculum. This is a three-year whole-church initiative to intentionally engage with the Bible's redemptive message.

Listen - In year one, we are walking through the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation, to learn its epic story and the role God has for us in it.

Learn - In year two, we will study what Scripture teaches more in-depth and discover what those truths mean for our lives.

Live - In year three, we will learn what it means to live out our faith by studying the Gospels and Acts and exploring personal encounters with Jesus and others.

Adult ElectiveLois Belflower/Dwayne Register/Tom Patterson
Adult ElectiveJeb and Karyn Godbout
Adultos (en español)Luis and Damaris Reyes
NEXT Young Adults (12th Grade & Up)Melissa Vincent
Youth (8th to 11th Grade)Keith Vincent
Kids (5th to 7th Grade)Marina Rosario
Kids (2nd to 4th Grade)Brenda Armstrong
Kids (Kindergarten to 1st Grade)Bob and Judi Glaudel
Preschool (Ages 3 to 4)Nancy Rosario
Nursery (Ages 0 to 2)Dawn Townsend and Sandra Roth

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For more information about our Christian Education classes, please feel free to send us an email down below.